Finding a Balance between Losing Weight and Calorie Intake


There are so many people that embark on diets each year. As a nation, in most nations, people are overweight on average. The question then becomes- “how many calories per day to lose weight fast?”.

Unfortunately, easy answers to this question do not arise. People find that they have different needs based on their body, gender, and levels of exercise.

One thing to consider is that people should never binge eat. Binge eating is actually a form of disordered eating. If one’s diet plan is pushing the person to binge eat, then the person should immediately stop that diet.

There is nothing worse for the body than feeling deprived. It is better to have more calories per day and still be in a slight deficit than to be in a more extreme deficit that is not sustainable. The body will adjust readily to this starvation state and actually begin to pack on the pounds.